Product Packaging Design: Definition, Uses, Ideas and Examples

In the food business, the taste and quality of the food should be a top priority. What is certain is that it can make consumers come not only once, but many times. In addition to the quality of the food itself, paying more attention to unique food boxes will further increase interest, plus if we can create interesting product photos to post on social media accounts. The food business is a type of business that is quite promising today. Therefore, lately the perpetrators are increasingly mushrooming. The existence of the internet and social media also supports the marketing of a food product. People don't need to open a shop/outlet to be able to sell their homemade food, just create an account on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. You can even sell them through food delivery services from Go-Food and Grab-Food.
Well, to choose your own food box, you can follow the following tips.

3 Unique Food Box Ideas You Can Choose

Different from the others
Something flashy will attract more attention. So, start modifying the general shape of a package. In addition, replacing raw materials by utilizing natural resources is also a good idea.

Highlight Products with Simple Packaging
Unique packaging boxes can indeed increase the selling value, because the first impression is memorable. However, do not rule out the value of the food itself can be done to get a cool appearance. For example, in packaging noodles, make a theme for someone's face, where the prima donna is made as if it were a mustache.

Create a Fun Atmosphere
Psychologically, the expression fresh from the oven can increase one's appetite, because the snack still has maximum delicacy. Starting from here, apply a unique packaging box with an oven image to package cake products.